Crane Mats can be used to create temporary roadways for cranes and heavy equipment, through wetlands, fields or any unstable or environmentally protected areas. Long Island Lumber provides the highest quality mats available on the market, with service back them up. Our mats are constructed with strong hardwood timbers, meticulously procured by our experienced foresters, sawn and assembled in Central Virginia, and delivered to you by truck or rail. 

Long Island Lumber has provided equipment matting for heavy industry for over 20 years, contact one of our experienced team members for guidance through the quoting process. Crane mats from Long Island Lumber can help your company preserve the environment while effectively completing your project on time, no matter the terrain, or weather.

Crane Mat Specifications:

  • Available in 8” and 12” Thick Timbers
  • Standard Lengths range from 16’ to 40’
  • 4’ Wide Standard, 5’ Wide Available upon request
  • Solid Hardwood Construction, With all Oak Timbers available upon request.
  • Notched on End for Easy Lifting (Solid Mats available upon request)
  • Minimal Wane

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