Logging Mats are an essential tool for a successful logging operation. Whether creating a temporary road through unstable terrain or creating a safe and clean deck for your equipment and loading operations, mats from Long Island Lumber are a necessity! Exclusive white oak construction creates a strong, durable and rot-resistant mat, one that can be used repeatedly through the changing seasons. There is no longer a need to spend your hard-earned money dumping load after load of gravel in creating a temporary road, when you can simply pick your logging mats back up after the job is complete and utilize them again in the future.

Bridge Mats can be used for stream crossings, saving you the expense of installing a culvert, while also causing little to no impact to the environment. Solid white oak timbers ensure a strong, rot-resistant, and portable bridge that can be used repeatedly.

Long Island Lumber has provided equipment matting for loggers for over 20 years, contact one of our experienced team members for guidance through the quoting process. Logging mats from Long Island Lumber can help you preserve the environment while effectively completing your project on time, no matter the terrain, or weather.

Logging Mats Specifications:

  • 2 Layers of 8” wide white oak boards
  • 10’ Wide
  • Available in 14’ and 16’ Long
  • 2 Layouts available, Road Layout and Deck Layout

Bridge Mats Specifications:

  • 8” Thick White Oak Timbers
  • 4’ Wide
  • Available in 20’,  24’ and 30’ Long Mats

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