Laminated Mats provide rubber-tired equipment with temporary roads for pipeline construction and maintenance, decking for job sites, and general ground protection.  They are also an environmentally friendly way to move equipment where the is no available road access. Assembled and bolted by hand, these mats are versatile for any job and will exceed expectations, over and over again!

Long Island Lumber has provided equipment matting for heavy industry for over 20 years, contact one of our experienced team members for guidance through the quoting process. Laminated mats from Long Island Lumber can help your company preserve the environment while effectively completing your project on time, no matter the terrain, or weather.

Laminated Mat Specifications

  • 3 Layer Construction – 2”x8” Solid Hardwood Boards
  • Double Bolted at Exterior Joints
  • Features Standard Lifting Chains (not rated for overhead lifting-
  • 8’ Wide
  • Available in Lengths of 12’, 14’ and 16’

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